Our Solutions

Satisfied customers are the key to our success, we believe in quality , our solutions are designed , implemented and supported by some of the industry finest people.


Interactive, playful Apps for Kids and Custom Apps for Training Centers. We convert course curriculum into interactive apps where you can maintenance assignment record .


Helping patients with their lives and health is the duty of a Doctor to build strong relationship between doctors and patients.


Though mobile apps are smaller in scale compared to websites but once carefully designed are the best customer engagement tool of the time.


Our Real Estate app is customized mobile app for Real Estate agents with multiplatform solutions those are consist of flexible and adaptive options for Real Estate industry.


We can help corporates for developing mobile apps to reach their customers for providing product briefs and details. Branding and self actualization.

Community Service

People at Ilmasoft are keen in helping and serving the community by providing what ever under the scope. We have done work for different organizations NGO's and Societies regarding development and education.


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